La Sirena Gift Shop Online

Yes it is true.......we do!!!
La Sirena came about when I moved and relocated to the coast in Spain. I realised how many talented crafters and artisans I am surrounded by. I watch little old men sat outside their front doors with some esparto grass weaving some of the most amazing baskets, souvenirs, shoes etc - I could watch them all day. The odd tourist comes by and photographs them and then walks on........if only they had just purchased something. It seems to be an arty area I live in now - so many trades....rug weaving, ceramic painting......are these trades dying out though? the younger generations dont seem as keen to learn the trade and keep the family businesses going, big new shopping centres and factory outlet shops are appearing everywhere and the tourist money is being spent elsewhere.
SO I have a dream! I want to be able to help these people.......I want to open an arts and crafts shop where all the items are handmade and local and all in one place.....a touristy shop but also with the benefit of the world wide web helping to open the doors of this shop to the rest of the world.
Oh yes I too am wanting to sell my arts and crafts as well! It is going to take me a while before I can fund the idea of setting up this physical shop so in the meantime I am going to get started on here and will gradually introduce new items from local artists.
Thank you for reading my story.

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