Going into 2021 with positivity


My first post on the blog!

I am Kate (La Sirena) and I am the artist behind 'La Sirena' 

I have been creating and crafting all my life. I started selling my Fimo polymer clay creations to my friends at Primary school in the mid 80's and I haven't stopped making and selling since!

I will talk more about myself as the blog progresses but I just wanted to say a quick hello as I start a new venture of blogging and hoping the blog will showcase all the different products I make!

2020 has been a pretty terrible year for everyone and I have had my fair share of sadness this year too with losing my Grandma and my Mum. I know my Mum wouldn't want me to dwell so I won't and I aim to make the rest of the year a proactive year and as I progress into 2021 I have a lot of plans in place for the growth of my business both online and locally.

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