Customized Hand Fans

If you are looking for a customized hand fan then below is some information to help you decide how you wish to proceed.

The Fans

All my fans are made with wood and fabric. The larger sizes are used by flamenco dancers and they are all robust and designed to be used 'vigorously'! These are NOT made with bamboo or paper - in my opinion fans made with bamboo or paper tend to be lower in quality and have more chance of breaking from frequent use.

Cosplay Fan

The Sizes

I have 4 different sizes available:

The tiny fan is 16cm which is a good size for keeping in your pocket. From €21

The small fan is 19cm and ideal for children or a fan to keep in your bag. From €22

The standard fan is my most popular size at 23cm. In this size I also have 3 size of fabric. A small fabric area, standard fabric area then large fabric area. From €23

The semi pericon (large) 27cm is one used a lot in flamenco. From €24

The pericon (XL supersize) is the largest size I have - if you want to stand out then this is definitely the size you want! From €25

Hand Fans

The Colors

I have a huge range of colors ready available however I can also mix up a blend of colors to create a color specific to your choice. Please bear in mind the amount of paint layers placed onto the fan will also affect the effectiveness of the fan opening and closing.

Colors the fans originally come in are:

Black, White, Cream, Natural Wood, Medium Wood, Dark Wood, Navy, Red, Olive, Burgundy, Yellow, Hot Pink, Orange, Purple, Green, Blue, Light Pink, Pistachio Green, Gold, Silver, Brown, Aqua, Deep Red, Smooth Pear Wood

Mainly the fans are solid wood but I also have some of the colors with the option of the fret cut out wood finish.

Custom Hand Fan

The Custom Design

I must point out that all designs are hand painted. I do not have facilities to print photos onto the fans. So as long as the design you want is paintable! then I can paint it.

When we discuss your design ideas it is really helpful if you have a good description of what you would like and if applicable the name of a font you want, photos of the dress to match or photos of the logo you want etc (you get the idea)

For custom orders I will ask for a deposit first to secure the order and your place in my work diary (I tend to work on a 10 day turnaround with most orders). I will then commence the work on your fan. Make sure you regularly check your messages incase I have any questions about the design (this helps the work time to stay on schedule). Once completed I will send you a photo of the finished fan and as soon as you are happy with the design I will send you a bill for the final payment.

Bulk orders do require a longer time for turnaround.

XL Cosplay Fan

Can you paint on both sides? No I will only paint a design on one face. 


I try to keep my instagram page updated with all custom work so if you need to have a look at my previous work then check it out here.

Don't forget to tag any photos you might have of your hand fans in use #LaSirenaHandFans - I love to see customer photos.